Security Gate Control Devices

security gate control device

Security gate systems are a great way to control access to your facility.  But how can you balance security with the need to provide entry to those who need to gain access to your facility?  That’s where a solid and reliable control device can help.  Today’s security gate systems can include a variety of devices that make the process of opening and closing the security gate quite easy, all while maintaining the overall security of your facility.  These control devices allow the user to operate the system through card readers, pass codes entered into a keypad, telephone units, timers or radio controlled transmitters.  Secure Access Services works with leading manufacturers of control devices and can help you select, install and maintain the best control device for your security solution.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you with this vital part of your security system.

Types of Security Gate Control Devices Available

There are a variety of security gate control devices available on the market today. Choosing the right control device depends on knowing your personal preferences, how your security gate is used and the type of security gate you have installed on your property.

Card Readers & Key Pads

Card readers and key pads can be stand alone devices or be remotely programmable if tied into a controller. With this feature they are capable of storing thousands of names and transactions. These systems can also be provided with intercom or telephone capabilities. Secure Access Services installs and services all major brands of card readers and key pad devices.

Telephone Entry Systems

These devices incorporate a telephone unit that allows the visitor to talk by phone to the person that can provide entry into your facility.  The box can be mounted near the entry gate and positioned for walk-up or drive-up traffic.


A daily or weekly digital timer is used to open or hold open gates.  They have two relays and up to six programmable time periods and come standard with battery back up.


A transmitter is a radio-controlled device that opens or closes the security gate with the touch of a button (like a garage door opener).  Secure Access Services sells a variety of transmitter devices and can even help you replace a worn-out transmitter that is aligned with your existing security gate system.

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