Security Gate Openers

security gate openerThe nerve center of a security gate system is the gate opener (sometimes referred to as the gate operator).  The gate opener is the main device that is responsible for opening and closing the gate, once your security system has given the OK for someone to enter your property.  No matter whether you have a barrier gate, pedestrian gateslide gateswing gate or vertical pivot gate, it is critical that you have the right security gate opener installed in your system and that it is functioning properly.


Gate Opener Installation

Installing and maintaining security gate operators is at the heart of our work.  Secure Access Services can work with you to design a security gate system that will meet your needs.  As part of the design process, we will identify the best gate operator available from leading manufacturers for your situation, install the gate operator and help you learn how to get the most from your security gate system.

Gate Opener Maintenance

While a gate opener is rarely seen, it will be noticed if it isn’t doing its job.  Secure Access Services can provide maintenance services to a wide variety of gate openers, even if another company did the original installation.  If you are not sure what type of gate opener you have, contact us and let our team of experts help you identify the model, analyze the problem and put in a solution to get your security gate moving once again.

Secure Access Services has experience installing and maintaining security gate systems developed by the leading manufacturers in the industry, including  DoorkingHy-SecurityLiftmasterViking Access and many more.

Want to know more? Contact Secure Access Services today to find out how we can help you install or maintain a gate opener for your security gate system.

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