selecting a residential security gateDuring the past few years, we’ve heard from many homeowners across North Carolina and the southeast wanting to know the answer to a simple question: “Do I need a security gate for my home?” The question is simple. The answer is a little more involved. Today, we want to give you three factors to consider when trying to determine if you need a security gate for your home or property.

Three Factors to Consider about Residential Security Gates

  1. What are your security needs? One of the first things we talk with residential customers about is their security needs. What are your goals? Keeping uninvited guests off your property? Limit access to specific areas of your property? Protect your family? We want to get right to the heart of what you are trying to protect so that our team can help you identify the right residential security gate for your home.
  2. What kind of environment is your home located in? Is your home in a rural setting? How about a suburban neighborhood with large lots? Perhaps you are in a densely packed urban setting. Each of these scenarios brings about different security gate needs and options.
  3. Do you need to connect to an existing security system? Many homeowners today already have a home security system. Adding a security gate to that system is a lot easier than you think. There are several security gates that make use of keypad entry systems, wireless entry devices and more advanced technologies like RFID (embedded in a sticker on your car window). These security gates can be connected to an existing home security system. And connecting your security gate to your home security system provides you with a complete loop of protection that brings peace of mind.

Get Help Finding the Right Security Gate for Your Home

Determining whether a security gate is right for your home or property is not as complicated as it may seem. If you are interested in exploring residential security gate options, contact Secure Access Services today at (919) 773-8889 and we’ll provide you with a free estimate for a system that helps you accomplish your residential security goals. And be sure to browse our photo gallery of recently completed residential security gate projects to see how we’ve helped homeowners in Raleigh, Greenville, Wilmington and beyond with their security gate needs!