Safety Devices for Security Gates

Security gates can be a tremendous help in maintaining the overall security of your home, commercial facility or self-storage facility.  However, as is the case with any mechanical moving device, there is the potential for harm.  Secure Access Services wants to help you make the operation of your security gate as safe as possible (and adhere to all applicable federal safety laws) and we do that through the incorporation of a variety of devices attached to your security gate, including detection loops, gate edges and photocells.

Vehicle Detector Loops
Vehicle detector loops provide safety and exit convenience for barrierswingslide gate and vertical pivot gate operators. The loops are saw-cut and then sealed in existing concrete or asphalt roadways, or trenched and laid in conduit for new concrete, gravel or pavers. This loop is used in conjunction with an installed loop detector module inside the gate operator.

Gate Edges
Gate edges are padded emergency stop and reverse, direct contact safety devices. They are installed on the leading or trailing edge of a gate panel or gate post to stop the gate when it touches an obstacle.  Gate edge safety devices generally communicate via a wireless radio link, which minimizes the visual impact of the safety device.

Photocells are devices that can detect the presence of an object that is in the path of the gate and prevent it from moving when it might injure someone or cause damage to the security gate.

Need Help Choosing The Right Safety Device?

Our team can help you navigate the choices available and find the right safety devices for your residential or commercial gate opener. We’ve been trusted by businesses and homeowners throughout central and eastern North Carolina for more than 25 years to keep their security gate operators in good working order and we’re ready to help you with your needs. Contact us today.

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