In today’s economy, money can be tight and we all want to save a dollar or two. If you have a security gate opener, it may be tempting to try to repair and maintain your gate opener on your own. But gate openers are complex machines. And if you do not understand how they work, opening up the box can be disastrous as you could cause the gate to fail and damage people or property.

3 Reasons You Need a Security Gate Opener Maintenance Plan

Below are three reasons Secure Access Services recommends using a qualified gate operator professional for your security gate opener maintenance plan needs.

  1. A gate opener is a complex machine. Gate openers have several moving parts that are calibrated to exact specifications so they will open and close the gate to precise distances. While the average DIY’r may have a basic understanding of machines, it takes a knowledgeable professional to know how to calibrate the gate opener to get the security gate to open and close to a precise location. And that’s very important when people, cars or property are involved as they can easily be injured or damaged by a poorly aligned security gate.gate opener maintenance plastic bag damage
  2. It doesn’t take a lot to damage a gate opener. Recently, one of our service technicians was called in to see why a customer’s security gate would no longer open and close. When our technician arrived, he found that a plastic bag had wrapped around the gate opener’s chain and was drawn inside the gate opener box. Once inside, the plastic bag continued wrapping tighter and tighter around the chain and pulled apart several wires. In situations like these, it takes a qualified service technician to diagnose the damage and make repairs. At Secure Access Services, we can perform this work for you as part of an annual security gate opener maintenance plan.
  3. Pests frequently find their way into security gate openers. Security gate openers are very attractive to insects and small creatures. They offer protection from the elements and are generally very quiet (aside from the opening and closing of the gate). As a result, a variety of small creatures like to make their way inside and setup a nest. We’ve found plenty of insects such as fire ant mounds inside gate openers through the years. But recently, we found a large snake curled up inside the gate opener box while on a service call. While our service technicians are not pest control experts, we’ve dealt with enough of these situations to know how to rid the box of the pests. And, as part of a security gate opener maintenance plan, we can apply preventative measures to keep them from getting inside once again.

Get a Security Gate Opener Maintenance Plan

Of course, there are many advantages of working with a qualified security gate technician like preventative maintenance to diagnose problems before they arise and helping you identify when it is time to replace the gate opener. If you have a security gate opener, but do not have an annual security gate opener maintenance plan, contact Secure Access Services in our Raleigh offices at (919) 773-8889 or use our online contact form. We can put together a gate opener maintenance plan for your security gate to keep it up and running for years to come.