replace-stanley-gate-openerIf you have a Stanley gate opener (sometimes called a Stanley gate operator) on your security gate, you may have noticed that it is getting harder to find replacement parts when your gate operator needs servicing. The reason is quite simple: Stanley gate openers have been phased out of the marketplace.

Safety Issues with Stanley Gate Openers

Stanley was once a major player in the commercial gate operator marketplace. In fact, at one point in time, Stanley gate openers were one of the dominant gate operators in use. There were, however, some significant issues with Stanley gate openers revolving around safety and operation. For example, Stanley gate openers did not include obstruction sensing devices. Obstruction sensing devices allow the gate operator to “see” an object (a person, a vehicle, a box, etc.) that is blocking the path of the gate. As a result, Stanley gate openers would continue trying to close the gate, regardless of what was in its path. Clearly, this could cause damage to people or property. Today, Stanley gate openers are not compliant with UL 325, the UL standard that oversees gate and door operators.

Replacing a Stanley Gate Opener

If you have a Stanley gate opener in use with your security gate, we strongly recommend that you consider replacing the gate opener as quickly as possible. Replacing the gate opener with a modern, code-compliant gate opener is the best way to ensure the safety of your property and those that cross through your security gate.

How to Replace Your Stanley Gate Opener

Secure Access Services has two options available for replacing a Stanley gate opener:

  1. Replace the Stanley Gate Opener with a Liftmaster SL 585. The Liftmaster SL 585 gate operator uses the exact same footprint as the Stanley gate opener. This minimizes the cost of labor to install the new gate operator and saves you money. We can mount the Liftmaster SL 585 on a pad or a post and in most cases, the work can be done within a day to minimize the disruption to your business.
  2. Install a new gate opener that meets your current security gate needs. For those that want to reconfigure the layout of their security gate, Secure Access Services can help you identify a new security gate opener that will meet the needs you face today. In some instances, we’ve helped clients upgrade their security gate to a different style of gate (i.e. a vertical pivot gate) that makes better use of the terrain. Once you select a new gate configuration, we can install the appropriate gate opener and provide a significant boost to your security gate setup.

Let Secure Access Services Replace Your Stanley Gate Opener

Replacing a Stanley gate opener doesn’t have to be complicated. Secure Access Services has replaced Stanley gate openers throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and the entire East Coast. Let us put our expertise to work for you today. Request a free quote today or call our Raleigh, NC offices at (919) 773-8889. We’ll be happy to talk with you about your options and help you find a way to replace your Stanley gate opener.