gate operators for self storage facilitiesSelf-storage facilities (sometimes called “mini-storage” facilities) have grown in popularity the past several years. These facilities offer customers a lot of great storage options. But what are the best gate operators for self storage facilities that owners can put in place to protect their customer’s stored items and keep the facility safe and secure? Let’s take a look at how to select the best gate operator for self storage facilities.

How to Select the Best Gate Operator for Self Storage Facilities

We’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of self storage facility operators in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and throughout the East Coast. Each time we with meet with a new self storage facility operator, the first question they ask is “what is the best gate operator for my facility?” To help them make their selection, we walk customers through a three-step process to help them identify the best gate operator for their facility.  That process includes:

  1. Conducting a site survey to determine type of gate being used at the self storage facility. The most common gates used at a self storage facility are slide gates, swing gates and vertical pivot gates. The type of gate you use at your self storage facility is determined by land elevation and how you want customers to access the property. Once we know these items, we can help you choose gate operators from leading brands such as Autogate, Ideal Manufacturing and more.

  1. Determine the keypad system needed for the self storage facility. How will customers to enter your self storage facility? Do you want to use a card swipe system? How about a keypad with customized security codes? We can help you select keypad systems from manufacturers such as PTI, Digitech and DoorKing. We can even help you find a keypad system that connects to your facility’s computer management system. This gives you a seamless system to control access, payments and more. We’ve helped customers install keypad systems that connect to software systems like Sitelink, Webstore and Storage Commander.

  1. Assess your self storage facility’s electrical infrastructure.  The final step in the process is to examine your facility’s electrical and conduit system. If this is an existing facility, we can help you get it ready to work with your new gate operator and keypad system. If you’re building a new facility, we can work with your contractor in the design phase to put the conduit in place to work with the system you choose.

We Can Help With Your Self Storage Gate Operator Needs

Do you need help finding a gate operator for your self storage facility? Let the team at Secure Access Services help. Give us a call at our Raleigh offices at (919) 733-8889 or request a free quote today. We’ll give you a proposal tailored to your project to get you up and running right away.