Every year, summer days bring heat and thunderstorms and the inevitable electrical power surges that can damage or destroy electrical equipment. In fact, our offices frequently get calls following electrical storms from homeowners and businesses whose security gates no longer work as they should. In most cases, the electrical storm has damaged the security gate operator. But you protect your gate opener from power surgesdon’t have to simply live with these risks. There are ways to protect your security gate from power surges.

How Lightning and Power Surges Damage Security Gate Openers

A security gate opener is just like any piece of electrical equipment. Under normal conditions, it operates without any trouble, especially if it is well maintained. However, power surges from electrical storms can significantly damage a gate opener to the point that the device will no longer work. In many cases, the electrical power surge blows out one of gate operator’s circuit board. When a circuit board absorbs a sudden spike in electricity, the board sustains significant damage and will stop working. To get the gate opener working again, the damaged circuit board must be replaced. Replacement circuit boards can range in price from $200 to $800 depending on the make/model of gate opener and which circuit board needs to be replaced.

Surge Protection for Security Gate Openers

While some security gate owners choose to roll the dice and simply replace the circuit board, they are only treating the symptoms. To address the problem, you must reduce the risk caused by the power surge in the first place. All security gate openers have some built-in surge protection, but to provide comprehensive protection from power surges, we recommend developing a surge protection plan and install surge protection equipment to protect your gate opener.

Secure Access Services partners with a company called Vision Technologies to develop surge protection plans crafted for your exact security gate and gate opener. Vision Technologies can evaluate your security gate configuration, identify potential electrical power surge risks and then put a plan in place that directs power surges away from your security gate and disperses the power into the ground. A surge protection plan is the best way to ensure that your security gate opener will be protected from power surges and continue to operate without interruption following an electrical storm.

If you have noticed electrical problems with your security gate following a recent electrical storm or simply want to eliminate the risks that power surges pose, contact Secure Access Services today to request a free estimate or call our Raleigh, NC headquarters at (919) 773-8889 to discuss your options. Our team of experts will be happy to work with you to help you protect your security gate opener from electrical power surges this summer.